In this game all actions are done using mouse.
You can interact with different objects by clicking on them.

In this game you have to manage the restaurant of chicken wings and serve your customers with a soucy wings.
Take order from the customers and go through several stages of process of making chicken wings.
Make the dish ordered by your customer to get good review and tips.

About Papas Wingeria

Papas Wingeria

Papa's Wingeria is one of the most famous and interesting game in the whole papa's game series. In this game you are chosen to manage the fried chicken restaurant and your mission is to use all your skills and talents to make your customers happy. In this game you will have to do everything - take orders from the customers, make dishes and then serve it. If the customer is satisfied, he will give generous tips. If not - he will give you a bad review. The success in this game depends on the number of your daily tips so be careful when making the chicken.

How To Play Papas Wingeria

At the beginning of the game you have to choose your character. It is an exclusive option for this version of the game. When you are done picking character you can begin to manage the restaurant of fried chicken wings. The first step is to take the order from the customer. He will give you all the information about dish he wants. Then you can go to the kitchen where you must go through several stages of cooking the wings and adding spicy souces. When the order is complete, you can serve it to your customer. He will examine it carefully and either be happy and give you tips, or become angry. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the game the number of customers is low but as you progress, you will have to make several dishes at the same time so the chance for mistake becomes higher. Enjoy the full version of the popular Papa's Wingeria game for free at our website.

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